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Black fucks her teacher with glasses in the classroom


A video that makes you want to go back to school. A black student will see his teacher at the end of the course because he feels that there is way to do something with it. Expecting to take a good slap, he will be surprised to see that she kneaded his cock through his pants. The teacher with glasses is very excited by African men and will seize the opportunity to be fucked like a big dog. She sucks cock and swallows his balls before being caught on the desk like a bitch. She has a hairy and smelly pussy excites the young man who sees his anus throb teacher and decided without asking permission, deflect it with a snap. The teacher accepts without flinching that enormous penis that heats her anal walls. Fours on the desk, she gets fucked deep and complete with hot cum on glasses and back of the throat.

Date: March 15, 2020

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